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Benoît Piéron at the Holding Textile Hermès

Artist's residency 2010: the bed / wedding canopy and silk twill

In 2010, the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès forged links between craftsmanship and contemporary art, with four residencies for French-speaking artists in each of the Hermès workshops. Mentored by artist Richard Deacon, Benoît Piéron worked with artisans in the silk division of Holding Textile Hermès.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Benoît Piéron at the Holding Textile Hermès
© photo Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès

In France's silk capital, Lyon, Holding Textile Hermès welcomed Benoît Piéron (b. 1983), a graduate (with special jury commendation) of the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Piéron is, he says, both 'archaic and contemporary: my works stand at the crossing-point of the inner and outer worlds. Each piece is connected with everyday actions […], essential elements for a successful “artistic bivouac”'.

Benoît Pièron creates new forms for dwellings, tools and experimental garments, conceived in close connection with the materials used. After immersing himself 'in a sea of silk' at the workshops, he created a 'nomadic' installation – a bed of stretched printed silk: 'a support for dreams, and the theatre of the ultimate drama of marriage.'

The printed patterns on Piéron's drapes and tented forms were inspired by the archives of Bucol (the Holding Textile Hermès group's weaving division). He also researched the nuptial practices and ceremonial textiles of several traditional societies. Installed full-time in a prefabricated 'cabin' in the central courtyard of Ateliers AS (the group's textile printing division) he created beds and silk hangings, working with colourists and graphic designers from Sport Soie and SIEGL (the Société d'Impression sur Étoffes du Grand Lemps), two of the group's silk and textile companies.

Working in situ at Holding Textile Hermès, Benoît Piéron discovered new techniques and materials, in close collaboration with specialist teams at each stage of the silk-working process.

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Immersion: month of July 2010
Production: full-time from October 4th to December 30th 2010