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France, Lyon

Bianca Argimon at the Holding Textile Hermès

West of Eden

During her residency at the Holding Textile Hermès, artist Bianca Argimon deconstructed a figurative design according to four colours, the stages involved in its printing, and its scale. The process, exploring the different skills involved in printing on silk, led her to illustrate this matrix in a play of translucent, super-imposed motifs.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Bianca Argimon at the Holding Textile Hermès
© Tadzio

In the beginning was the original design, representing the Garden of Eden. Far from the conventional idyll, this personal interpretation has all the critical distance so characteristic of Bianca Argimon’s work. In residence at Holding Textile Hermès in the Greater Lyon region, the young Hispano-French artist produced variations on the motif, deconstructing its shapes and colours to create a multiform, printed work on a variety of silk supports.

The centrepiece reproduces the design in space: four large, suspended muslin panels printed in cyan, magenta, yellow and black recreate the picture through a process of superimposition. On a smaller scale, a traditional swatch book features seven pieces of printed silk muslin, representing successive stages in the design’s reproduction. Another small-scale piece presents an enlarged detail from the Garden, on vintage silk twill. Pixels of green extracted from the luxuriant natural scene form the sides of a set of dice, together with a goblet, evoking a traditional, Spanish game of chance. 

Argimon’s mentor for the project – Jean-Michel Alberola, her teacher at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris – cites her ‘magnificent imagination, always focused on the contemporary scene’. In her own words, Bianca Argimon seeks out ‘things that will pinpoint the contradictions in contemporary society’. Her evanescent Garden of Eden is a reflection on our modern world. The methodical deconstruction of her design, through the application of specialist silk-printing skills, confers an aura of mystery on this lost paradise.  

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Mentor: Jean-Michel Alberola