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Adrian Sauer at TH13

Schwarze Quadrate

Adrian Sauer explores image-making through the evolution of photographic processes and new media, from mass reproduction to unique, one-off prints. Invited by TH13 curator Paul Cottin, German-born Sauer addresses the essence of the medium of photography.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Adrian Sauer at TH13
© Adrian Sauer

A graduate of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Fotografie in Leipzig, Adrian Sauer examines the state of contemporary photography in the face of new digital media.
Born in Berlin in 1976, Sauer grew up with the rise of new technologies. Today, he examines the morphology of digital imagery, questioning how the pictures’ tiniest components are combined and exploited. Beyond the deconstruction of the image, Adrian Sauer also looks at the genesis and mastery of its constituent elements. His work 16.777.216 Farben uses his own technology: an image-generating programme creating ‘pictures’ using each computer-generated colour pixel only once. The perfectly grey image in fact contains some 16.78 million colours. The photographic result is linked to a mathematical model. The work was shown in France at the Rencontres d’Arles 2011, in the exhibition From Here On.

Sauer’s work also challenges the hegemony of ephemera in a culture dedicated to digital communications and dissemination.
A-Z Brockhaus presents the cardboard slipcases of Germany’s Brockhaus encyclopedia, whose print edition ceased in the year 2000.
As laboratories developing photographic film become increasingly rare, Unboxing Photoshop presents a packaging box for the celebrated image manipulation software – itself outdated now that most software can be downloaded from the Internet.

Adrian Sauer orchestrates an array of everyday situations, ambushed by the virtual era.

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