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Belgique / Bruxelles

Agency at La Verrière

Assembly (Gesture, and thought)

Can an inventor be a creative author? Is a recipe a literary text? Can a specific gesture be considered a creative work? These questions are central to Agency’s collection of ‘Things’, selected for the latest show in the ‘Gesture, and thought’ season at La Verrière.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Agency at La Verrière

Shelves neatly stacked with storage boxes, each filled with records of court cases and legal disputes: Agency’s installation at La Verrière is part cabinet of curiosities, part judicial archive. Cases selected for the show spotlight examples of hesitant classification between nature and culture (man-made or naturally-occurring items), set out for public consultation on a reading table. 

Agency is the generic name of an ongoing, collective project/art work, begun in 1992 by Belgian artist Kobe Matthys. Agency collects cases in the field of intellectual property, copyright, patent protection, plagiarism, copying, unfair use etc. Each of the over 2,000 ‘Things’ relates to a real-life dispute, brought before the courts or under investigation, comprising texts, trial reports and objects presented as ‘evidence.’

At La Verrière, Agency examines the status of skills and know-how in creative art, with a selection of Things asking ‘How can commons be incorporated into the world of art?’— an issue that resonates strongly with the work of Marcel Duchamp, the inventor of ready-mades, and the presiding genius of the gallery’s current season of shows, Gesture, and thought. As the show’s curator Guillaume Desanges points out, ‘each case is a detailed examination, via spheres often heterogeneous to art, of the ways in which gesture may be assimilated into the creative act, and hence how the hand may be assimilated to intelligence, and the body to the mind.’ 

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La Verrière, 50 boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 - Brussels, Belgium

Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm


Curator : Guillaume Désanges