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Aiko Tezuka at Third Floor

Certainty / Entropy

Aiko Tezuka unpicks tapestry weavings by hand, meticulously, thread by thread, allowing new forms to emerge. Commissioned to create a new work for Third Floor, the Japanese artist extracts poetic content from her own textiles, highlighting their colours, materials, and the importance of the artisan gesture.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Aiko Tezuka at Third Floor

'By unravelling and recomposing the structures and stories hidden within the material, I try to capture overflowing time and the continuous process of metamorphosis.' Aiko Tezuka is fascinated by textiles – from medieval tapestries to contemporary work – and by the stories secreted at the heart of these works of art. Hence her interest in unravelling woven fragments, by hand, freeing the raw material, unpicking its connecting threads (quite literally) to create new compositions. 

Certainty / Entropy is a collection of five pieces, four of which (hung on the gallery walls) are medium-sized, with unravelled motifs. The fifth is a monumental work, hanging in space like a screen, alternating unravelled sections and panels of textile left intact, suspended from columns which are themselves hung with mirrors: visitors to Third Floor are immersed in the revealed arcana of each work in the group.

Born in Japan in 1976, Aiko Tezuka focuses on the creative gestures and vibrations unique to each piece of tapestry. Working with a team of seven artisans, the original works were designed and produced in the Netherlands, featuring motifs of birds, butterflies, flowers and fruit, echoing the cultural diversity of Singapore. Associated with contemporary iconography, the motifs reflect her interest in the metamorphoses of society as a whole. Tezuka unravels textiles, tradition and know-how, opening up new perspectives on the creative process, engendering other narratives. 

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Third Floor, Singapour 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, Singapour

Open daily, 10.30 am - 7.30 pm


Curator :
Emi Eu