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Côme Mosta-Heirt at La Verrière

J’aime trop Baugin

With a tribute to Lubin Baugin in the title, Côme Mosta-Heirt’s installation at La Verrière positions itself as the heir to a highly elaborate, mannered style of painting. Viewers are invited to contemplate a work exploring the rich complexity of deepest black.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Côme Mosta-Heirt at La Verrière
© Côme Mosta Heirt

Côme Mosta-Heirt’s work explores colour and space. Born in Le Havre in 1946, he is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre and Paris’s École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and the author of a body of work largely devoted to the elaboration of geometric shapes and complex tracery, described as jambages (literally, doorjambs, posts, or the different strokes of a calligraphic script): branching forms, polished and painted in subtle shades that appear black thanks to the clever use of overlays and complementary colours. Visitors to La Verrière will discover a new installation, created especially for the space.
Mosta-Heirt’s structures form a kind of tableau, redefining and ‘consolidating’ their surrounding space. For the artist – a proponent of the abstract MADI movement – ‘spatial organization is what gives a work its meaning’. The title reference to the French 17th-century painter Lubin Baugin underscores Mosta-Heirt’s demanding approach to the delicate working of colour, highlighted at La Verrière, and proclaims the artist’s passion for the medium of painting, ‘its finest nuances, distinctive qualities, and elaborately-worked blendings,’ in the words of La Verrière’s director, Alice Morgaine.

Mosta-Heirt is a tireless traveler, a firm advocate of the creative need to capture the ‘permanent displacement of energy’, and a staunch defender of the fundamental role of language and words, for the survival of artistic creation, which should never seek to supply answers, but to affirm a personal statement.

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Artistic Director: Alice Morgaine