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Belgium, Brussels

Dora García at La Verrière

Somewhere, Two Planets Have Been Colliding for Thousands of Years (The Thinker as Poet)

At the core of a minimalist installation at La Verrière, something is taking place. Visitors become the spectators of a performance that invests the gallery space. Dora García’s elegant, rigorous presentation seeks to generate a poetry accessible to all.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Dora García at La Verrière
© Dora García

Curator Guillaume Désanges describes the latest exhibition at La Verrière, Brussels: ‘The piece takes the form of a self-contained unit: a virtually empty space, with diagrammatic drawings on the walls, and a book-sculpture, conceived as a backdrop to a continuous series of performances.’ Spanish artist Dora García’s radical approach strips La Verrière to its bare essentials: the space is conceived as a neutral support for the words and actions of her performance.

As the latest artist invited to take part in La Verrière’s Ballistic Poetry season, launched in 2016, Dora García chooses an enigmatic title for this new piece reflecting her programmatic practice, working with the raw material of poetry. García’s culturally demanding work plays on established norms, as here: the project is based on a discussion between two writers (Andrea Valdés and Manuel Asín) and a poetic text by the philosopher Martin Heidegger. Concepts of time and space, the written and spoken word and other mysteries of the human mind are addressed by several performers working continuously at the core of the exhibition.


Born in 1965, Dora García is an artist whose work is defined by its conceptual inspiration and performative, sometimes participative aspect. Her practice is rooted in the relationship between artist and public, drawing on texts, websites, film and performances in which reality frequently brushes with fiction. García is regularly invited to exhibit at major international art events and represented Spain at the 2011 Venice Biennale. 

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La Verrière / Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
50, boulevard de Waterloo – 1000 Brussels

Tuesday to Saturday,
from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Performances troughout the exhibition
Guided visits every saturday at 3 p.m.

Free admission


Curator: Guillaume Désanges

Performances throughout the duration of the exhibition, in association with ISAC (Institut supérieur des arts et des chorégraphies), ArBA-EsA.

Cultural mediation: Audrey Cottin +32 4 71 44 81 50 /