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Flavia Da Rin at Third Floor

Discovery and Journey, imaginary worlds

Argentinian artist Flavia Da Rin presents her imaginary landscapes in Singapore: an enchanted world peopled with magical, benign figures, evoking our childhood memories.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Flavia Da Rin at Third Floor
© Edward Hendricks/C I and A Photography

Young artist Flavia Da Rin (born in 1978) was spotted by Emi Eu, the curator of Third Floor, and invited to show her latest work in this exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art.

Nymph-like girls with powder-pink cheeks – part Manga characters, part pre-Raphaelite visions – act out roles in rustic landscapes.

Flavia Da Rin's work is a poetic fusion of digital art and narrative, offering a strange, fascinating combination of photography and installation – a new form of portraiture incorporating action and landscape. The face is no longer static, nor pictured out of context: rather, it becomes a player in a scenario. In this way, Flavia Da Rin invents her own world, depicting her elfen characters in hybrid natural settings.

What strike us most, however, are the characters' expressions, astonished or fascinated by whatever it is they can see. They open the door to a garden of secrets, a dreamlike world of mysterious landscapes, fantastical people and mischievous spirits. This journey is first and foremost an inner experience – that of the artist and viewer alike. Flavia Da Rin's work incites curiosity and surprise. Her pictures touch our memory, our most intimate emotions and dreams, like magic mirrors.

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