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Francisco Tropa at La Verrière

STAE – Sunken Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Francisco Tropa is the guest artist at La Verrière for the first solo exhibition in the series Des gestes de la pensée (‘Gesture, and thought’). Somewhere between history, mythology, philosophy and symbolism, his ‘Sunken Treasures of Ancient Egypt’ crystalize the essential ambiguity of an installation exploring mystery in the absence of mysticism.


Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Francisco Tropa at La Verrière
© Fabien de Cugnac

For his contribution to the inaugural (group) show in the series Des gestes de la pensée, Francisco Tropa exhibited a doormat (Tapete) – a tribute to Man Ray’s photograph Dust Breeding, immortalizing Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass covered with a year’s accumulation of dust. The theme of ruins and remains was already established, as a kind of introduction to this latest work, created specially for La Verrière and described by curator Guillaume Désanges as ‘a vast, cosmogonic installation, wide-ranging, sprawling and disorderly, taking the form of an archaeological exhibition – the viewer meandering through its scattered traces.’

 The ‘Sunken Treasures of Ancient Egypt’ are not explicitly revealed, however. They form a sculptural fiction, evocative of chance and accident, the work of French writer Raymond Roussel, outmoded figurations of the universe, or the forms of the Platonic solids. Fascinated by philosophy and ritual, Francisco Tropa develops his personal mythology, drawing on scholarly quotations nourishing the complex fabric of his works, both in terms of the meticulous care taken over their productions, and their rich interpretative possibilities: a continuous dialogue between gesture and thought. 

The culmination of extensive research, the exhibition is subdivided into three conceptual chapters: the ‘underwater section,’ the ‘looted tomb,’ and Terra Platonica, presenting an intriguing corpus of unusual objects and minutely-worked artisan constructions reminiscent of the work of Marcel Duchamp. Born in Portugal in 1968, Francisco Tropa lives and works in Lisbon. He represented his country at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

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La Verrière, Brussels, Belgium 50 boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels 1000

Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm Free admission: from 09/07/2013 to 10/19/2013


Curator: Guilaume Désanges


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