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Video art in a nomadic architectural unit

The H BOX project commissions new video works for a specially-designed "nomadic" viewing unit. H BOX is hosted by museums and art events around the world.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - H BOX
© Andrès Lejona

Launched in 2006, H BOX comprises video works and a nomadic viewing unit that can be completely dismantled and reassembled in host venues including the Centre Pompidou (the Box's first public appearance), Musac (Leon), Mudam (Luxembourg), the Tate Modern (London), the Yokohama Triennal, and the Ocma (Los Angeles).

The Foundation has support H BOX since 2008, reflecting its remit to support the creation of new work in specific artistic discplines. Each year, curator Benjamin Weill commissions four new video works from young international artists.

To date, all H BOX videos have been commissioned from cosmopolitan artists who have risen to prominence since 2000. Through their wide-ranging aproaches, distinctive narrative techniques and technologies, the H BOX programme reflects the diversity of this relatively new discipline, which first emerged in the late 1960s.

The box itself is conceived as an integral screen and setting for the films, designed by Franco-Portugese architect Didier Fiuza Faustino. Made from honeycombed aluminium panels – a state-of-the-art material used in the aerospace industry – the unit is fitted with an audiovisual system designed for optimal viewing.

In 2010, the H BOX continues its tour in Europe and Asia, with a programme of 16 new works.

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Curator: Benjamin Weil

Artists: Yael Bartana, born in Israel in 1970 (Mary-Koszmary, 2007); Shahryar Nashat, born in Switzerland in 1975 (Plaques, 2007); Alice Anderson, born in United Kingdom in 1976 (Barbe bleue, 2007); Sebastián Diaz-Morales, born in Argentina in 1975 (Oracle, 2007); Dora García, born in Spain in 1965 (Hôtel Wolfers, 2007); Judit Kurtág, born in Hungary in 1975 (Midway, 2007); Valérie Mréjen, born in France in 1969 (Bulles, 2007); Su-Mei Tse, born in Luxembourg in 1973 (Open Score, 2007); Cao Fei, born in China in 1978 (The Birth of RMB City, 2009); Cliff Evans, born in Austalia in 1977 (Citizen: The Wolf and Nanny, 2009); Matthew Buckingham, born in Iowa in 1963 (We Knew About the Cave, 2009); Kota Ezawa, born in Germany in 1969 (Diorama, 2009); Mark Lewis, born in Canada in 1957 (TD Centre, 54th Floor, 2009); Julika Rudelius, born in Germany in 1968 (Dressage, 2009); Ali Kazma, born in Turkey in 1971 (Taxidermist, 2010); Rosa Barba, born in Italy in 1972 (The Empirical Effect, 2010); Omer Fast born in Israel in 1972 (Sunday Morning (Part III of The Tunnel), 2010) ; Wang Jianwei, born in China in 1958 (Zero, 2010) ; Hwayeon Nam born in Korea in 1979 (Do not harm your ghost, 2010) ; Sara Ramo born in Spain in 1975 (The Band of Seven, 2010) ; Nikhil Chopra and Munir Kabani, born in India in 1974 an 1976 (Man Eats Rock, 2011)

Architect: Didier Fiuza Faustino, Bureau des Mésarchitectures