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Hermès Foundation Missulsang 2010 at the Atelier Hermès

Saluting Korean contemporary art. Yangachi awardee

The annual Hermès Foundation Missulsang reflects the Foundation's support for young contemporary artists in Korea. Installations by the three finalists – including the overall winner, Yangachi – are presented at the Atelier Hermès.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Hermès Foundation Missulsang 2010 at the Atelier Hermès
© Kiyong Nam

The vocabulary of contemporary art – installations, happenings, video – is central to the artistic language of Korea. The Hermès Foundation Missulsang – and its distinguished jury of academics, critics and international curators – salute this thriving, youthful contemporary art scene. 2010 finalists Jina Park, Jong Heon Bae and Yangachi represent a generation of young artists expressing contemporary Asian identities in a globalized world, yet rooted in Confucian culture and Buddhist traditions.

Conceptual artist Jina Park questions the history of modern art by capturing forgotten moments of everyday life. Park's paintings reproduce photographic imagery, challenging the norms of painterly composition.

Jong Heon Bae uses drawing, sculpture and photography to evoke Sisyphus – the ultimate hero of the absurd – and celebrate the advent of the artist.

This year's winner, Yangachi ('ruffian' or 'hoodlum' in Korean) creates invented but plausible scenarios, experimenting with techniques enabling the individual (the artist) to influence an entire social system, for example through the media. The video installation Bright Dove Hyunsook presents the wanderings of a young woman (Hyunsook), mixing images, sound, earth, decorative lights, gilded objects and stuffed pigeons. In the jury's words: 'Yangachi's winning work takes bold artistic risks and addresses a vast cross-section of social values.'

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Jury 2010 :

Soh-Yeong ROH, Director, Nabi Art Center
Kyuchul AHN, Artist, Professor at the Korean National University of Arts, Seoul
Misook Song, Honorary Professor at Sungshin Women's University
Saskia BOS, Dean, Cooper Union, USA
Stéphanie MOISDON, Independent curator