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Hermès Foundation Missulsang 2013 at the Atelier Hermès

Recognising Korean contemporary art. Siren Eun Young Jung awardee

The Atelier Hermès presents three finalists from the Hermès Foundation Missulsang. Organised and administered by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès since 2008, the prize is awarded to an emerging Korean contemporary artist chosen by an international jury in September each year, from shortlisted entries in the annual Missulsang show.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Hermès Foundation Missulsang 2013 at the Atelier Hermès

The three finalists in the 14th Hermès Foundation Missulsang are Noh Suntag, Na Hyun and Siren Eun Young Jung, all of whom have exhibited throughout Korea and internationally.  The trio’s contrasting approaches are highlighted in a group show at Atelier Hermès.

Born in Seoul in 1971, Noh Suntag explores contemporary Korean politics and society through documentary photography. His work examines the political violence that led to the region’s partition in 1948, and its continuing repercussions in Korean life today. Suntag’s politically-committed work focuses on the long shadow of history, inviting the spectator never to forget.  

Na Hyn (b. 1970) is a graduate of Seoul and Oxford universities. His installations are based on historical events, exploring the concept of individual, communal and national identities, and their role in wars and conflicts. Rooted in history, Hyn also explores his role as a contemporary artist, and the function of art in the 21st century.   

Siren Eun Young Jung (b. 1974) focuses on the status and recognition of so-called ‘invisible beings’ in today’s society: unrecorded individuals with no administrative status, marginalised, excluded and unacknowledged. Jung - who is also a teacher and political campaigner - explores their myriad, remarkable destinies through photographs, video and installations.

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630-26 Shinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Free admission: from 07/26/2013 to 09/29/2013

Awards Ceremony: 09/10/2013


Jury 2013 :

Ute Meta Bauer, the Royal College of Art’s dean of School of Fine Arts; 

Guillaume Désanges, artistic director of La Verrière; Kim Airyung, Seoul Arts Center’s exhibition program director; 

Moon Young-min, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; 

and artist Park Chan-kyong, who previously won the award in 2004.