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Hubert Duprat at La Verrière

An exhibition in situ

La Verrière fills with shagreen and polystyrene for an original installation by French artist Hubert Duprat, as part of the current Gesture, and thought series. The new, solo exhibition draws on a subtle play of natural and artificial textures to challenge our references and perception.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Hubert Duprat at La Verrière
© Photo F. Delpech

Using a deliberate mix of mineral, organic, vegetable, synthetic and industrial materials, artist Hubert Duprat explores the nature of transversality. Born in 1957, Duprat is an unclassifiable player on the French contemporary scene. His work offers an endlessly-surprising exploration of the nature, forms and production processes of art, beginning with his celebrated cocoons made by caddis-flies from precious stones and slivers of gold, in the early 1980s. His subsequent work develops a distinctive vein drawing on extensive scholarship to create formally striking works that defy categorisation.    

At La Verrière, Hubert Duprat uses shagreen and polystyrene to create a huge cube. ‘The piece explores the interplay of two materials,’ explains curator Guillaume Désanges, ‘one is precious and costly, the other industrial and banal, but each has a seductive surface appeal of its own, and a discreet play of motifs.’ Created specially for La Verrière, the installation continues the artist’s exploration of our material world through seemingly random associations of diverse materials, textures and styles.

Duprat asserts his position as an ‘enlightened amateur – an experimental beachcomber substituting curiosity for expertise.’ This ‘artist of doing and knowing’ resonates with Marcel Duchamp, the presiding genius of the Gesture, and thought series at La Verrière. Once again, gesture and thought shape a highly original, aesthetically appealing, but also radical, troubling body of work.

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