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South Korea, Seoul

Jeong Geumhyung at Atelier Hermès

Private Collection

As the winner of the 16th Hermès Foundation Missulsang, Jeong Geumhyung receives a residency in France, and a solo exhibition at Atelier Hermès, presenting an analytical retrospective of her past projects, and looking ahead to new performances.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Jeong Geumhyung at Atelier Hermès
© Kiyong NAM

Thirty plinths in parallel rows present a host of objects organised by category: prostheses, cameras, instruments, outfits, mannequins, etc. The brightly coloured items evoke everything from a hospital environment to a contemporary lupanar. Part cabinet of curiosities, part clinical display, the show at Atelier Hermès – under the title Private Collection – presents all the accessories used by Jeong Geumhyung in her past performances.

The performances themselves are shown continuously on screens around the installation, establishing an immediate connection between each now-inert object and its earlier role. Geumhyung’s performances often feature the artist’s body confronting a body-machine, blurring the boundaries between compassion and sexual tension. The artist’s ‘private collection’ incites the viewer to ‘use their imagination to disrupt and reinvent the order of the objects they observe’, says the exhibition curator, Kim Yunkyoung. Inevitably, the viewing public confronts its own status as voyeur.

The deliberately neutral, museum-style presentation is the setting for new performances over the course of the exhibition. As the winner of the 16th Hermès Foundation Missulsang, Jeong Geumhyung received a fourth-month residency in Paris, working with drone experts to perfect her technique. Drones feature in the show at Atelier Hermès, as Geumhyung’s latest performance tools, and a further source of imaginative inspiration for artist and viewer alike. 

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7, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


 Free admission


Curator : Yunkyoung Kim