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Jim Lambie at Atelier Hermès

Nervous Track: a vibrant world

Jim Lambie's work is inspired by music first and foremost. The Scottish ex-DJ uses altered images of rock stars, and compressed vinyl discs to attain a kind of spirituality. As a guest artist in Seoul, his installation mixes painting, collage, sculpture, video and ceramics with extraordinary floor patterns of coloured strips.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Jim Lambie at Atelier Hermès
© Kiyoung Nam

Born in Glasgow in 1964, musician, DJ and visual artist Jim Lambie (shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2005) fuses his chosen spheres in his work. "When you put on a record," he says "it's as if the barriers disappear. You're projected into a psychological space. You're not sitting thinking about what you're listening to, you're just listening. You're inside this space that the music has created for you."

Using coloured sculptures, re-workings of everyday objects (including music accessories – vinyl discs and speakers), collage portraits of pop and jazz stars using floral motifs, his works are apprehended like new musical scores: a world built of colour and rhythmic repetition.

Jim Lambie refuses to identify himself with a specific artistic movement. Just as a variety of sounds from different musical sources can be mixed to create a new piece, so everyday life and street objects are combined to created a vibrant, sensitive, "funky" world.

Jim Lambie's work was suggested to the Fondation by Sung Wong Kim, curator of exhibitions at the Atelier Hermès. This is his first solo exhibition in Seoul.

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