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Joo Choon Lin at Third Floor

Resolution of Reality

Joo Choon Lin’s installation at Third Floor invites viewers to explore the collective memory and modern technology through innovative objects (at the time) which have now fallen out of use. The Singaporean artist prompts reflections on the fleeting passage of time and the acceleration of technical progress.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Joo Choon Lin at Third Floor
© Joo Choon Lin

Commissioned by Third Floor curator Emi Eu, Joo Choon Lin explores the paradoxical relationship between technology and nostalgia – the former inciting rapid change and progress, the latter, by its very nature, resisting them. The young artist incorporates recent, iconic technological products into a composition explicitly dealing with the theme of the circle of life.
Resolution of Reality features Joo Choon Lin’s Styrofoam sculptures representing a TV, computer, microwave oven, telephone, fax etc. Sprayed with solvent, the objects melt like snow (Vaporised by Sunrise). Videos recording their gradual disintegration illustrate the inexorable sequence of life, decay and death, while a handful of objects survive, for visitors to examine. The acceleration of technical progress goes hand in hand with the inevitable, programmed obsolescence of each new innovation. The artist deliberately slows the pace, too: countering the rapid spooling of cinematic film, an old printer is suspended in space, producing one black-and-white image every fifteen to twenty minutes – the epitome of frustration for the contemporary viewer, accustomed to the instant responses of modern machines. Other filmed sequences and installations evoke our memory of technical advances that have since become obsolete.
Born in Singapore in 1984, Joo Choon Lin offers a wry, critical look at the technology that has accompanied her throughout her life.

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Third Floor, Singapour 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, Singapour Open daily, 10.30 am - 7.30 pm Free admission : from 02/11/2012 to 16/12/2012


Curator: Emi Eu