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Seoul / Korea

Jungju An & Sojung Jun

This Rose-Garland Crown

This Rose-Garland Crown is an experimental video installation, and the first collaborative work from Korean art collective p.2, a duo specially formed by visual artists Jungju An and Sojung Jun. The piece marks a new creative departure for both artists. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Jungju An & Sojung Jun
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This Rose-Garland Crown is a composite work consisting of three video elements: The Woman with a Movie Camera, Nude Model and Makers. The piece orchestrates a stream of ‘images in sound’ based on the artistic practices of both members. Displayed on five screens, the projections form a unique ensemble spotlighting a variety of artistic situations while revealing the diverse creative processes involved at the same time. 

Jungju An creates an imaginative, subjective world, using montages of imagery and sound collected in the real world. His works are based on the distortion and repetition of their constituent units. Sojung Jun’s work offers an altruistic vision of humanity, based on shared experience and empathy. Her images constitute an intimate narrative based on the acute observation of tiny details extracted from the everyday lives of strangers.  

p.2’s approach confronts and reveals two very different, often opposing creative processes. Their point of convergence is the shared theme of resistance to indifference and the pressure of collective conformity on individual lives.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports this project as part of its commitment to spotlight the creative process and new artistic collaborations. p.2’s experimental work explores a distinctive worldview, as a challenge to shared cultural values.

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