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Belgium / Brussels

Laura Lamiel at La Verrière

Chambres de capture

For her first Belgian exhibition, Laura Lamiel presents a landscape of ‘cells’ forming a vast installation created especially for the Foundation’s La Verrière art space. This exceptional artist stages arrangements of objects chosen for their referential power and/or material quality, as prompts to the viewer’s imagination.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Laura Lamiel at La Verrière
© Isabelle Arthuis

Found and discarded objects, manufactured items and raw materials – often in monochrome shades – find their place in the show at La Verrière. Organised into ‘cells’, the objects recall aspects of Minimalism (their formal appearance) and Surrealism (their status as items diverted from their original purpose or identity). Evoking spatial relationships, photography and a psychic dimension, Laura Lamiel’s poetic Chambres de capture (‘collection chambers’) open themselves to the visitor, who is invited to confront them, and to penetrate the space of the installation. 

The exhibition is a chance to discover a little-known French artist working discreetly, out of the spotlight, on a resolutely free-minded œuvre open to diverse readings, resonating strongly with the contemporary scene.     

Exhibition curator Guillaume Désanges is unhesitating in ranking Lamiel’s work alongside ‘those great works of art whose rigor and simplicity open our imaginations; whose rich, allusive quality in no way detracts from their precision and detail […], and which impress us by their power, but never by force.’  

Created in situ, specifically for La Verrière, the production is part of the season ‘Gesture, and thought’, celebrating the presiding genius of Marcel Duchamp, whose approach finds a clear echo in the secret, obsessive, even spiritual quality of Laura Lamiel’s work. In cells playing on the tension between interior and exterior space, the disposition of materials and objects eschews obvious meanings but draws on the components’ intrinsic capacity to transcend both their own identity and the viewer’s gaze.

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La Verrière, 50 boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 - Brussels, Belgium

Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm


Curator :
Guillaume Désanges