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Leo Fabrizio at TH13

Archetypal Landscape

Archetypal Landscape presents a fragmented retrospective of the work of Leo Fabrizio over a ten-year period – from his latest photographs to his earliest images, testifying to an enduring fascination with the "fabrication" of landscape, and its representation.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Leo Fabrizio at TH13
© Leo Fabrizio

Trained at Lausanne's École Cantonale d’Art, and with a Master's degree in photography, Leo Fabrizio examines his subjects with an ethnologist's eye. Using a camera obscura in colour, his distinctive images use striking formal means to explore contemporary behaviour.
Mettalica – a topographical map drawn in cut-out metal pieces – is the first link in this ongoing exploration of "constructed" landscapes. The Bunkers series presents images of military bunkers camouflaged in the Swiss landscape: disguised architectural features masking the entrances to passageways classified as of strategic importance for the protection of Swiss national territory. The bunkers emanations of a political reality, photographed using the conventions of the picture postcard.

Photographed in Asia, the Dreamworld series documents the incoherencies that result when a society's vernacular culture, its identity and complexity, are supplanted by an imported model. In the Bangkok suburbs, expanses of bungalows cater to the collective myth of the detached, private home, while dilapidated dwellings are backed by huge advertising hoardings – a portrait of a composite city.

As Paul Cottin, curator of exhibitions TH 13, observes: "beyond purely aesthetic questions, this work contributes to debate over the need to preserve human societies and the natural world in which they evolve."

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