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Lionel Estève at La Verrière

There Are No Circles

Lionel Estève is a French artist working with colour and movement, based in Brussels for over twenty years. For La Verrière, he has created a monumental mobile – his biggest yet - reflecting the scale of the space.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Lionel Estève at La Verrière
© Fabien de Cugnac

Lionel Estève prefers to work with minimal means – next to nothing, the humblest materials, the tiniest of things, transforming and questioning them with no preconceived plan, following his artist's instinct.

'There Are No Circles', the giant sculpture on show at La Verrière, expands under the centrifugal force generated by its own rotation, powered by a small engine. The piece can extend up to seven metres, thanks to its structure of nylon threads and 20 to 30,000 beads. The tiny dots of colour pass before the viewer's eyes, creating a miniature constellation designed to provoke a sense of spatial disorientation. The 'carousel' produces a sudden, dizzying effect, awakening our perception of an altered reality, revealing a palpable yet mysterious, alternative space. The spectator is literally caught in the net.

'I'm trying to establish a direct link between a thought and its execution,' says Estève, 'choosing my materials to be as low-tech as possible, making things I can stay in control of from start to finish. And to be as simple and direct as possible, too. That's why I make my own pieces in their entirety.' Since 1996, Estève has taken part in numerous exhibitions including Involutions in 2005 at the CAC in Brétigny, Amicalement Vôtre at the City of Tourcoing Fine Art Museum and Migrateur at the City of Paris Fine Art Museum.

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Artistic Director : Alice Morgaine