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Minjung Kim at Aloft at Hermès


Celebrating ‘thought and reflection’ – the gallery’s theme for 2017 – the Foundation’s Singapore art space presents Oneness by Korean artist Minjung Kim: an invitation to reconnect with ageless wisdom through landscapes evoking a sense of the infinite.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Minjung Kim at Aloft at Hermès
© Photo courtesy of the artist

Korean artist Minjung Kim brings mountain ranges drawn in Indian ink to the heart of Singapore, inviting the visitor to experience a sense of oneness with nature. At the crossroads of the practice of Chinese landscape masters of the Song and Yuan dynasties, and Taoist belief systems, Minjung Kim’s vibrant, hypnotic work reflects her Zen philosophy, expressing a perfect unity of mind and spirit. ‘When I paint on Korean hanji paper, I have to wait for the right moment to draw the lines of ink […] drawing the fine lines, in particular, demands complete mastery of my breathing’, she explains.

For Minjung Kim, the practice of drawing in ink requires her to open herself to her surroundings, assimilating everything down to the smallest detail, to achieve harmony with the natural world.  Gathered together for the first time at Aloft at Hermès, Oneness presents paintings created using this technique, their brushstrokes transcribing the artist’s changing moods. Her sensitive landscapes express a sense of wonder and the insignificance of human life.

Born in Korea in 1962, Minjung Kim devoted herself to painting from a young age, before training as a calligrapher and studying the influence of Oriental painting on Western artists. She lives and works in France and the United States. Her aesthetic approach steps back from the figurative tradition to focus on the expressive value of signs, in the context of her quest for perfect unity of form and expression: Oneness.

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Aloft at Hermès, Singapore
541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, Singapore
Open daily, 10.30 am - 8 pm


Curator: Emi Eu