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Monique Frydman at La Verrière


Whisper is an installation by the French artist Monique Frydman: against the delicately coloured walls of La Verrière, Japanese paper sheets embody translucency, movement and the play of light. A subtle murmur amid the bewildering images and tumult of modern life.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Monique Frydman at La Verrière
© Fabien de Cugnac

"La Verrière seemed to me to be a space where light was enormously important – and constantly changing. It's also a space that stands apart from the world outside, a secret space amid the bustle of the city." Artist Monique Frydman has created a modular installation in the exhibition space at La Verrière – a repeated pattern of overlapping paper leaves, a gently rustling wall covering receptive to the tiniest brush of a body in space.

In the heart of Brussels, the installation uses subtle colour to create a diaphanous, evanescent world. Sheets of Japanese coloured paper are coated with successive white layers to achieve infinitely pale, mother-of-pearl hues. Far removed from the showy excesses of contemporary society – where, says Monique Frydman, painting has no place - the installation's discreet murmur, silent space and emotive pallor counter the sensory overload and meaningless chatter of modern life.

A renowned colourist, Monique Frydman is the author of an installation created in 2006 for the Musée Matisse in Matisse's home town of Cateau-Cambrésis, based on large multicoloured checkerboard muslin surfaces. In 2007, she created a monumental painted glass panel for the Toulouse metro, and a series of screen prints on altuglas at the city’s modern art museum, Les Abattoirs. Her mural at the Manufacture des Gobelins (Paris) recreates a 112-tone colour scale in raw skeins of wool and silk.

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Artistic Director: Alice Morgaine