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Shinji Ohmaki at Third Floor

Moment and Eternity

Moment and Eternity overturns established codes, eschewing the gallery wall in favour of the floor, and establishing a new form of contact with the viewing public. Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki invites us to interact with and contemplate an evolving, eminently poetic installation.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Shinji Ohmaki at Third Floor
© Edward Hendricks

Moment and Eternity is a kaleidoscope of floral motifs developed at floor level. The dense composition consists of brilliant, coloured pigments applied directly to white felt, using a stencil technique. Visitors are invited to wander across the work: their passage is an integral element in the piece, which evolves as their steps generate new forms. Subject to chance, the ever-changing work evokes the footprint as a testament to the passage of time.

Moment and Eternity expresses the constant evolution of any work of art – an exultant, poetic expression of time itself.

Highlighting the impact of the viewing public over time, a framed version of the original work is mounted on the gallery wall, making clear the contrast between the original installation and the work to which each visitor has subsequently contributed. The floral motifs are an amalgam of influences from Europe, Asia, and Japan, blended here in the cultural context of Singapore – a crucible of multiculturalism.

Born in Japan in 1971, Shinji Ohmaki graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Today, he works in situ, creating artworks connected to their environment – installations often based on the intervention of the public, who are invited to experience his creations in direct relation to their own movement through space. In parallel with the project at Third Floor, the artist’s work also features in a collective exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum.

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