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Smiljan Radic & Marcela Correa at the Forum

The Wardrobe and the Mattress

A wardrobe and mattress stand at the heart of an installation evoking intimate and universal lives. Chilean architect Smiljan Radic and artist Marcela Correa present a new joint work specially created for The Forum, Tokyo.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Smiljan Radic & Marcela Correa at the Forum
© Smiljan Radic

Wardrobes and cupboards house our material goods, our past, our memories, neatly tidied away. A door separates us from our clothes, and the memories they hold. The mattress absorbs our outstretched bodies, moulding itself to our shape and carrying us off to the land of dreams. At the Forum, Smiljan Radic and Marcela Correa have chosen to work with these universal objects, at the heart of so many people’s intimate lives. The domestic items feature here in a presentation calculated to undermine the stability they traditionally embody.

Japanese Follies-Pavilion is a labyrinth of wardrobes shut one inside the other, created by Smiljan Radic. Marcela Correa responds with Dead Weight, an installation of assembled, suspended red mattresses. Twisted and misshapen, they reflect the impact of some natural catastrophe. The pieces’ large size reinforces their exceptional status – part architecture, part objects. For the artists, they represent ‘the authentic, ephemeral ruins of everyday life’ in the context of the frequent earthquakes experienced in Chile. A hanging of photographs under the title Fragile Construction completes the installation. 

Smiljan Radic (b. 1965) is an internationally acclaimed Chilean architect, and a regular collaborator with artist Marcela Correa (b. 1963). The pair are best known for their monumental work at the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, in 2010.

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Le Forum,

Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Japan 5-4-1

Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 8 pm Sunday, 11 am - 7 pm

Free admission : from 09/04/2013 to 11/30/2013