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Japon / Tokyo

Tsuneko Taniuchi at the Forum


For summer 2014, the Forum has dedicated its space exclusively to the performance and personal exhibit of Tsuneko Taniuchi.  Composed of daily Micro-Events activated by the Japanese performer for her audience, sometimes requiring their participation, the program evolves in a space favoring interactivity.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Tsuneko Taniuchi at the Forum
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One must not hesitate to visit the Forum regularly this summer or to participate in its activities: the experience will always be unique thanks to the first personal exhibit of Tsuneko Taniuchi in Japan. Since 1995, Taniuchi, has developed what she refers to as Micro-Events: her own artistic language composed of lengthy series in which she embodies, or even deforms, contemporary situations. The Japanese artist, who has lived in Paris since 1987, has imagined many protocols, scrupulously numbered, which she activates during her performances in France and abroad. Her body of work allows her to question modern society and its values while also, in a more subtle tone, questioning self-affirmation.

At the Forum, Taniuchi performs daily Micro-Event n°45 / Six Feminine Characters + One Woman / Seven Days. Each afternoon she embodies a different contemporary feminine character (a waitress, a boxer, a gymnast, a homeless person, a ganguro, a ninja), mimicking their daily activities. On Sunday, through an interactive performance, she asks the spectators to trade their personal items for items created during the past week by her various characters.

On Sunday August, 3rd, she reactivates Micro-Event n°46 / Weddings, thus continuing a series already composed of 250 marriages. Men and women from the audience, alone or in groups, are invited to marry the artist or simply witness the celebration. Twenty weddings are scheduled to take place at the Forum with a plain white-flower decor. Videos and photographs of the previous documented weddings will also be exposed, showcasing past performances.

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Le Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 5-4-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm, Sunday 11am - 7pm


Head of Exhibition Planning at Le Forum: Reiko Setsuda