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South Korea, Seoul

Yangachi at Atelier Hermès

When Two Galaxies Merge,

The space at Atelier Hermès is transformed for this distinctive presentation – part exhibition, part performance.  Anything is possible When Two Galaxies  Merge, in the words of Korean artist Yangachi, creator of an immersive installation that explores the nature of perception. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Yangachi at Atelier Hermès
© Nam Kiyong

The Atelier Hermès space is reconceived as the backdrop to a performance. The large-scale installation comprises a series of sculptures in light and sound, and four videos. The theatrical space is acted on twice over: two musicians create a live performance that differs from the two ‘actions’ presented in the videos, like a deliberately alternative work within a work.

The exhibition’s title announces, quite literally, the ‘happening’ within the exhibition, when ‘two galaxies merge’. Yangachi plays on the elusive, fleeting moments in life: unexpected, chance encounters that open vast fields of possibility, generated under six keywords: the Continental Drift Club, the advent of 5G, insomnia, Seoul, hypnosis and love. These ‘signifiers of uncertainty’ are manifest within the space of the installation, thanks to an intriguing play of audio and light.

With its aura of mystery, the theatricalised space echoes the work of American film-maker and artist Alfred Hitchcock. Light and sound sculptures use pendants, lamps, necklaces, battery parts and microphones on which birds are seen to perch.

Born in Korea in 1970, Yangachi was the winner of the 2010 Hermès Foundation Missulsang. Here, he takes us in a new direction, further expanding his interpretative field by evoking the Continental Drift Club – a secret society dedicated to the legacy of the German scientist Alfred Wegener.

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DOSAN PARK B1F 7, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea


Free admission


Curator: Yunkyoung Kim