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Seoul, Korea

Yeesookyung at Atelier Hermès

Saint Breeders

Painting, installation and video come together in Seoul for this solo exhibition, entitled Saint Breeders. Korean artist Yeesookyung transcends genre to stage an imaginary world that speaks to our subconscious minds and questions our ‘divine’ characteristics.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Yeesookyung at Atelier Hermès
© Yeesookyung

Three etiolated silhouettes wait, eyes closed, to greet visitors to the Atelier Hermès. They are Xiwangmu, Bari and Tara, divine and mythological creatures from different Oriental cultures. Korean artist Yeesookyung captures these female figures in their sleep, escaping the reality of themselves and their respective cults. The work continues Yeesookyung’s exploration of time and space, past and present, and aspects of religion and the divine.

Their perfect execution – thanks to the magic of 3D printing – heightens their mystery while at the same time challenging our concepts of artisan skill, authorship and copyright. The synthetic sculptures dialogue with an installation celebrating minerals and life on Earth: each is a simple fragment of gilded rock, the product of an endless cycle of exchanged stones, in which a new piece is received before handing one on, while continually enlarging the circle. 

Counterbalancing this, two paintings invite introspection and reflection. Fascinated by the possibility of past lives, Yeesookyung has dedicated a series of canvases to the depiction of a highly personal experiment, diving deep into the subconscious through hypnosis. Lastly, a video exploring religious rites brings the multidisciplinary project full circle, to the sleeping deities.

Yeesookyung’s work has been shown around the world. Born in Seoul in 1963, she is an adept of the ‘stream of consciousness’, drawing on her artistic language to explore deeply personal and aesthetic questions, and often strikingly universal themes and truths.

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7, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


Curator: Yunkyoung Kim