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anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) at Third Floor

Show Flat 04

Red, white and blue: arranged in stripes, these three colours cover the whole of an apartment interior, in an imaginative evocation of shared culture. Hong Kong artist Stanley Wong’s show at Third Floor invites us into his Show Flat 04, exploring the past in dialogue with the present.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) at Third Floor

Show Flat 04 is a reconstituted apartment entirely decked out in red, white and blue stripes. From floor to ceiling, and from furniture to everyday objects, each element reflects this unifying theme. In addition, the walls feature flags that blend in with their surroundings: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States and France. Created by artist Stanley Wong, this large-scale installation is an original evocation of his native city, Hong Kong.

Omnipresent in the territory, this simple, striped plastic sheeting has become an iconic, everyday symbol for the Hong Kong community, used as a protective tarpaulin on construction sites, a makeshift awning for street hawkers, and in sturdy bags carried by workers, families in transit, and the homeless. 

Born in Hong Kong in 1960, Wong has worked with this humblest of materials for the past ten years. Like Proust’s famous madeleine, the motif evokes a host of past memories and happy childhood moments. Decked in the familiar stripes, simple, every objects become visual vectors of cheerful reminiscence.

True to his characteristic social sensitivity, Stanley Wong creates a convivial space open to all – a genuine forum for exchange where visitors are forcibly reminded of the importance of shared culture and community.

Beyond collective nostalgia, Show Flat 04 serves as a reminder that the best things in life are intangible rather than material.

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