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SYSTEMA OCCAM (New Settings 2013)

Vibrer à l’unisson

Xavier Veilhan presents a sensitive performance work conceived as a silent prelude to Eliane Radigue’s piece OCCAM I, for solo harp. SYSTEMA OCCAM is a tribute by a contemporary performance artist to a grande dame of contemporary music  - art inspiring art, across the disciplines.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - SYSTEMA OCCAM (New Settings 2013)
© Diane Arques; © Veilhan / ADAGP, Paris, 2013.

Deeply moved by Eliane Radigue’s piece OCCAM I for solo harp (2004), Xavier Veilhan has created SYSTEMA OCCAM as a visual prelude, leading the spectator gently into the music. Fragments from ritualistic scenes, everyday gestures and tricks of perception form a silent sequence that gives way to the sound of the harp, beautifully played by Rhodri Davies. Eliane Radigue’s timeless, supremely beautiful composition takes centre stage, in characteristic waves of hypnotic sound.

The piece is a new departure for New Settings: a vibrant artistic tête-à-tête between a visual artist exploring the concept of space, and a composer noted for her ‘sound sculptures.’ A dialogue that seems to expand time itself: a moment of fusion between two artistic worlds.

Artist Xavier Veilhan uses state-of-the-art materials and techniques, experimenting the relationship between sculptural objects and space in situ, in diverse ‘heritage’ settings, including the Palace of Versailles, the Grand Palais in Paris, or the modernist houses featured in his series  Architectones. His fascination with the work of Eliane Radigue – an ‘adventurer in sound’ – comes as no surprise. SYSTEMA OCCAM is a subtle tribute, and a fine (re)introduction to a leading pioneer of electronic and spectral music, a rebel who broke free from the influence of her mentors  Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, dedicating herself to the pursuit of sound for over half a century. 

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A performance by Xavier Veilhan for OCCAM I,
a piece for harp by Éliane Radigue performed by Rhodri Davies
With David Artaud, Annina Roescheisen, Florian Sumi, Marine Varoquier, François Valenza
Conception: Xavier Veilhan
Artistic collaborators: Alexis Bertrand and Violeta Kreimer
Coordination: Léa Wanono
Stage management: Jean-Paul Moissette


Coproduction: Xavier Veilhan - ARTER - lebeau & associés
With the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of its New Settings programme
Executive producer and booking manager: lebeau & associés