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London,United Kingdom

Lycée international de Londres Winston Churchill (H3 #2)

Memory Garden

The Memory Garden at the new Lycée international de Londres Winston Churchill promotes biodiversity in one of Europe’s great capital cities. The garden is an educational, ecological project encouraging pupils to take ownership of their campus. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Lycée international de Londres Winston Churchill (H3 #2)
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In front of the recently opened Lycée international de Londres Winston Churchill, the Memory Garden is a green space celebrating peace and freedom, planted with trees in memoriam, each one an individual tribute. Originally created by Brent Council, whose former offices the school occupies, the garden had fallen into neglect but is now the object of an educational scheme to renovate and restock the space with wild, indigenous plants, bringing pupils closer to nature. The reinvented Memory Garden is the focus of activities for pupils throughout the school, from nursery through to the lycée.

Pupils are drawing up an inventory of the garden’s existing flora and fauna, researching local, indigenous plant species and making comparative studies of this and other gardens in the area. Supported by teachers and activity leaders including entomologists, horticulturalists, and arachnologists, pupils are taking an active role in the replanting and structural remodelling of the green space.

The Lycée’s eco-initiative encourages pupils to take ownership of the garden and to respect the species to which it is home. Insects and plants will be observed over the long term, and the upkeep of this public space will be documented in interpretative panels and a dedicated website, documenting the garden’s evolution and raising public awareness of biodiversity at the site. The Memory Garden is supported by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of the second edition of our H3 programme (Heart – Head – Hand).

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