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A Chacun son Everest !

Conquering the steep slope of cancer

A Chacun son Everest ! takes young people with cancer to Chamonix, where activities and support can move mountains…

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - A Chacun son Everest !
© S. Champeaux/S. d’Halloy/J. Gorin

Overcoming fear, regaining confidence, reaching new heights: 2,655 children with cancer have been helped on this road since the founding of the not-for-profit association A Chacun son Everest ! in 1994. Each is encouraged to tackle their seemingly insurmountable illness, at every stage of the journey, finding inner resources to come to terms with the disease and garner strength.

"Your illness is your personal Everest," founder Christine Janin tells participants. "It's a tough mountain to climb. There will be days when the sun shines and you feel fine, and days of storms and fog, when you are cold. And then one day, the summit is there, in front of you…" A qualified doctor and experienced mountaineer, Janin admits that "championship" qualities can help the healing process.

Participants can try climbing, hiking or dog-sledding. Contact with fellow-sufferers, and the chance to talk freely about their feelings and experiences, help them discover new self-worth. Parents are encouraged to promote autonomy and self-reliance, too. "Maxime has new enthusiasm for life, more energy. He's stronger, and has put on weight. He can face himself in the mirror, and has developed great strength of character," says one father, proudly.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports this initiative based on mutual help, courage and the determination to reach new heights.

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