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Arts Access at the Museum of Arts and Design

Enhanced art-awareness for New York's children

With a new building opened in 2008, New York's Museum of Arts and Design offers guided tours and educational workshops tailored to the needs of underprivileged neighbourhood schools.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Arts Access at the Museum of Arts and Design
© Museum of Arts and Design

The Arts Access programme at New York's Museum of Arts and Design helps primary and secondary school children from underprivileged neighbourhoods to discover the world of museums, craft skills and the decorative arts.

Special 90-minute visits include a guided tour followed by workshops designed to encourage children to produce creative work of their own. The learning continues back in the classroom, with teaching packs available for download from the MAD Web site, including photos and links to the themes and subjects explored, from the sciences to literature.

The workshops aim to make art accessible to all through a combination of discovery visits and practical, hands-on work. The programme reflects the Hermès Foundation's core commitment to education and craft skills in the decorative arts. The Foundation's support is increasingly vital in light of the gradual disappearance of art classes from the curriculum in America's public schools. Raising children's awareness of art as a means of expression encourages a more open outlook and new points of reference. It may even help them discover hidden talents and future vocations.

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