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Brésil / Rio de Janeiro et Sao Paulo

Gol de Letra

Education through sport and culture in Brazil

Founded in 1998 by two former professional football players, Raï and Leonardo, the Gol de Letra Foundation offers alternative educational programmes for children from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Gol de Letra
© Fundação Gol de letra

The Gol de Letra foundation helps vulnerable young people to gain confidence and readjust, promoting enhanced self-esteem and self-reliance, and enabling them to reach their full potential. To this end, the foundation offers an integrated educational approach based on dignity and respect, perseverance and solidarity, working at the local level to deliver help and support to individuals and families. Young people can take part in a host of activities in the fields of art and culture, sport and community work.

The Hermès Foundation supports two typical projects in the northern districts of Sao Paolo - areas afflicted by extreme poverty, unemployment, drugs and violence. Virando o jogo is a programme offering two hundred children (aged seven to fourteen) the chance to take part in sport, writing and reading, computer activities, music and the visual arts – a range of disciplines designed to help them express their creativity, encourage a sense of values and integrate into society as balanced, fulfilled individuals. A second programme supports young people in the fourteen-to-twenty age group as they continue their personal development and train for professional life. Workshops explore art and communication through painting and sculpture, graffiti and audiovisual media, helping participants to prepare for the world of work.

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Triennial support 2009-2011