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Autralia, Sydney

Sydney Dance Company (H³ #2)

Sydney Dance Company Education Ensemble

Sydney Dance Company inspires young people with limited access to the city’s cultural life to discover contemporary dance through practice and theatre visits. By taking dance to the classroom, the Company encourages pupils to discover a new world of artistic expression and individual creativity. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Sydney Dance Company (H³ #2)
© Peter Greig

The acclaimed Sydney Dance Company is a pivotal force in contemporary dance, both internationally and at home in Australia. In addition to its own productions, the company has developed an extensive educational programme known as DancED. Now, Sydney Dance Company’s newest project targets young people from lower socio-economic neighbourhoods in Sydney, many of whom have limited access to the city’s cultural life, and hence to the world of contemporary dance.

Designed for pupils aged 13 and under, Sydney Dance Company Education Ensemble offers participants the chance to try out contemporary dance for themselves and experience a performance, either in their school or at the theatre. To this end, a new dance work will be created and performed by four young dance professionals. By reaching out to pupils in the classroom, the scheme aims to share the dancers’ enthusiasm for their craft, combat clichés and change popular attitudes to contemporary dance.

Sydney Dance Company seeks to broaden horizons and inspire new vocations in the 1500 participants who take part annually in this project. Engaging with dance encourages greater physical activity, and enhanced creativity and self-esteem. For some students,  the programme’s highlight will be a trip to a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Sydney Dance Company introduces participants to new opportunities in the performing arts, with the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of the second edition of our H³ programme (Heart – Head – Hand).

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