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Tara Tots

A home for the street children of New Delhi

Tara Tots is a refuge opened in New Delhi in January 2012, offering twenty children aged 3 to 5 a chance to escape life on the street and make a fresh start. Supported by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, the organisation was founded by Pascal Fautrat, following the success of his Tara Boys refuge for older children.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Tara Tots
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Tara Tots (Tara means ‘star’ in Hindi) offers a home for twenty very young children, enabling them to flourish and rebuild their lives in a warm, family atmosphere, with continuous individual care. From the poorest, most difficult backgrounds, boys and girls of pre-school age learn the basics of life as part of a close community, developing their curiosity and confidence as a prelude to school. 

Inspired by the positive results achieved at the Tara Boys refuge (where the oldest boys will sit for their school-leaving exams at age 18 this year), the need for a similar refuge for very small children was clear. Children need to be removed as quickly as possible from the extreme destitution and daily violence of life on the street, in order to provide them with the basic tools for a new life at school. Care at this early age gives pre-schoolers access to essential treatments for healthy growth, and psychological support to help them overcome the effects of trauma.

The children attend nursery school, followed by a range of artistic and sporting activities. Tara Tots delivers the children’s basic human rights and restores their dignity, enabling them to take their place in society, in the long term. 

Pascal Fautrat believes in giving 'the survivors of violence the chance to learn how to live in a non-violent world.’ The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is a long-term supporter of Tara Tots, 

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