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The Kinkeliba

Promoting health, education and the environment

Founded in 1995, Kinkeliba promotes medical, educational and argricultural development in east Senegal.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - The Kinkeliba

Kinkeliba is a non-profit organization that takes its name from a plant with recognised medicinal properties. Active mostly in Senegal's Tambacounda region, Kinkeliba leads a number of joint initiatives in the fields of medicine, sanitation and hygiene, education and farming.

Health is the cornerstone of Kinkeliba's projects, and the association has opened a series of community medical centres and maternity clinics designed to encourage African doctors to settle and practice in this remote region.

Kinkeliba's top priority is the fight against infant mortality, and maternal death in childbirth. Educational projects include the building of nurseries and pre-school centres, and accommodation hostels (respecting local architecture styles) for girls and boys from rural communities, enabling them to continue their secondary education at the high school in Tambacounda's high school.

More work is needed to develop agricultural projects to combat malnutrition. Kinkeliba has established a farm school based on a twenty-hectare plot of land, with an orchard and a vegetable garden. With fourteen full-time salaried staff and twenty seasonal workers, the farm promotes local produce: okra, aubergines, pimentoes, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

In 2009, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supported Kinkeliba's community health projects, its commitment to biodiversity and job creation, and to nursery and pre-school education for all.


Annual support 2009