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Corée du Sud / Séoul

Autism Society of Korea

Professional training for young people with autism

The Autism Society of Korea pursues a mission: campaigning for the rights of people with autism, and providing training to enhance their talents, confidence and autonomy. Based in Seoul, the NGO supports people with autism as they take their place at work in the community. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Autism Society of Korea
© Autism Society of Korea

Since 2006, the Autism Society of Korea (ASK) has offered support for artistically and musically gifted people with autism, showcasing their talents through professional training, while also helping them to overcome their difficulties when communicating and interacting socially with others. Special training programmes help prepare participants for the world of work, and its attendant social relationships. 

Working with Korean social enterprise Autistar, ASK offers a fourteen-work residential course in computer-assisted drawing and illustration. The programme also involves learning the everyday activities and skills associated with the world of work, and its related activities at the post office, bank, government offices, or when meeting clients. Ultimately, ASK aims to secure employment outcomes for each participant.  

Recognising the lack of opportunities for young adults with autism in Korea, ASK is committed to help them integrate as active, working members of society. Supporting their families through this process further helps them to overcome prejudice and discrimination.  The NGO also works to raise public and legislative awareness of autism issues, through a range of events and publications.  

The programme is supported by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of its H³ programme (Head – Heart – Hand).

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