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H³ / Heart – Head – Hand #2

24 solidarity projects supported by house of Hermès staff

Following the success of the first edition of H³ / Heart – Head – Hand, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès invited Hermès staff to take part in a second call for solidarity and public-interest projects, in 2015. Twenty-four projects have been selected for support over a two-year period. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - H³ / Heart – Head – Hand #2
© Conception graphique Undo-Redo / Fondation d'entreprise

The H³ programme enables the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès to identify and select philanthropic projects proposed by Hermès house staff. Following a call for projects in 2015, twenty-four proposals have been selected to join the Foundation’s existing portfolio of support across a broad range of activities, from the preservation of biodiversity to training in artisan skills – all reflecting our core commitment to promote the transfer and safeguarding of expert know-how in today’s world.

Following the success of the first H³ programme, Hermès staff have taken the scheme to their hearts. The dozens of proposals received testify to their determination to share their individual actions in the not-for-profit sector and thus enlarge their sphere: the second call for projects received more proposals, for more diverse schemes. Staff members whose projects are selected become H³ ambassadors, volunteering as the central point of contact between the Foundation and their chosen charity.

Submitted to H³ from all over the world, the initiatives are an eloquent testimony to the commitment and solidarity of Hermès staff, reflecting the spirit of humanism, sharing and exchange that are central to both the house of Hermès and the Foundation. H³ is a social solidarity programme focussed on adapting skills and expertise to today’s world. It represents an important extension of the Foundation’s commitment to support the transfer of artisan know-how, training for young people in skilled artisan trades, and the preservation of fragile ecosystems.   

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