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H³ / Heart - Head - Hand

24 projects are supported

In June 2013, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès launched an internal call for projects reflecting the core values of the house of Hermès, and its long tradition of social solidarity. In 2015, the resulting programme H³ (Heart - Head - Hand)  supports 19 international not-for-profit associations steered by 24 volunteer Ambassadors.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - H³ / Heart - Head - Hand
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The activities of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès are rooted in our belief that a mastery of handmaking skills can bring significant improvements in living conditions for many communities. H³ reflects the Foundation’s commitment to preserve local cultures and the ancestral know-how they nurture, by ensuring their continued relevance to 21st-century life. The 19 associations selected for support through the H³ programme work to deliver professional training for young people, to ensure the sustainable transmission of ancestral skills and their related tools, and to safeguard biodiversity by focusing on the fragile links between man and nature.

H³ supports innovative, ground-breaking projects, proposed and accompanied by Hermès staff. The first call for projects has brought people together around the world, generously donating their time and skills to support the 19 public-interest organisations selected.

Solidarity is based on exchange and sustained support for the long term. A fresh call for projects (from October 1 to December 31, 2015) will invite new proposals from Hermès staff for NGOs to receive support through 2016 and 2017. 

> Find out more about the nineteen H³ projects supported in 2013-2015 

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From October 1 to December 31, 2015: internal call for projects from Hermès staff

Late February 2016: announcement of the selected projects

2016-2017: implementation of support


H³ is steered by teams from Human Resources and at the local level.

At the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, please contact Clément Le Duc (internal use only)

24 for project are supported :

Arc en Ciel - Lebanon

Ambassadors : Paul Tager,  David Smaniotto, Nils Ahnebrink, Ambre Lapietra, Gwendoline Faviere et Talal Ayash

Coral Okinawa - Japan

Ambassador : Michiko Nagamoto

Arca do Crescer - Brazil

Ambassadors : Adeline Lasserre et Joséphine Canepa-Poulle

Partage - Madagascar

Ambassador : Lucinda Lienard

Service d’entraide et de liaison (SEL) - Burkina Faso

Ambassador: Octave Avouyi-Dovi

The French Chamber Foundation - Hong Kong

Ambassador : Elsa Rameau

Mini-Racing Chambérien - France

Ambassador : Patricia Rastello Colliat

Les Amis du Site du Château de Lavauguyon - France

Ambassadors : Marie Chaulet et  Marie-Claire Valenti

Fondation Maître Léonard Foujita - France

Ambassador : Emilie Sagarzazu

Goldfinger Factory - United Kingdom

Ambassadors : Claire Fontaine et Claire Marie

Entrepreneurs du Monde - India

Ambassador : Isabelle Bonfanti

The Lower EastSide Girls Club – United States

Ambassador : Olivier Péchou

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill - United Kingdom

Ambassador : Bertrand Michaud

Cerebral Palsy Greece - Greece

Ambassador : Anna Von Typinski

Munich Kammerspiele - Germany

Ambassador : Nina von Lüttichau

Musée de l’Eventail - France

Ambassador : Laurent Haond

Association Jeunesse Tizgui pour le Développement et la Solidarité - Marocco

Ambassador : Oubiskarne Amina

Ibaba Développement - Rwanda

Ambassador : Stéphane Sarié

Sydney Dance Company - Australia

Ambassador : Karin Upton Baker

Mercy Relief - Philippines

Ambassador : Ken Yeo

Association Nationale des éleveurs de chèvres Cachemire - France

Ambassador : Morgane Chauvel

J'art d’Ain partagé - France

Ambassador : Martine Rubatier

Maison Familiale Rurale Le Village - France

Ambassador: Angélique Belantan

Sokoage - Japan

Ambassador : Sayuri Nakamura