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France, Isère

New facilities at MFR Le Village (H³ #2)

Building a new showcase for artisan trades

In Saint-André-le-Gaz, in the French department of Isère, MFR Le Village is extending its activities with a new space dedicated to discovering artisan trades. Young people disengaged from mainstream education can work with a range of tools, to find new skills as pathways to alternative careers. 

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - New facilities at MFR Le Village (H³ #2)
© MFR Le Village

Since 1937, France’s Maisons Familiales Rurales (MFR) have offered part-time training for teenagers and young adults no longer in mainstream education. Founded in 1948, MFR Le Village is a not-for-profit association delivering courses to 300 young people, including 100 15-year-olds on its career orientation scheme. Participants receive significant support to help them regain self-esteem, find meaningful purpose in education, and discover new vocations.

Reflecting the vital importance of this work, MFR Le Village is building a new hall designed to help young people gain access to culture and discover artisan trades. Two fully equipped workshops will enable participants to discover a broad range of activities, including numerous artisan trades. Many different sectors will be represented, from construction to textiles, metal-work and agriculture. Under the title Réussir autrement (‘Alternative pathways to success’), the centre enables individual participants to find their own path, re-motivate, and prove their potential to succeed.

The centre delivers hands-on workshops guided by professionals from each sector, backed by classes taking a more theoretical approach. As part of the Foundation’s programme H³ #2, the project’s ambassador – an artisan at the Hermès leather workshops in Les Abrets, adjacent to the MFR Le Village site – will share her skills and passion for fine leather-work with local school pupils. The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is funding the new hall as part of the second edition of our H³ programme (Heart – Head – Hand), supporting projects proposed by Hermès staff.

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