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Perrin & Perrin

Suites et Variations

Artists Martine and Jacki Perrin explore the exceptional technical and creative possibilities of glass. A new catalogue presents their work, and the sources of inspiration shaping new directions for the future.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Perrin & Perrin
© Thierry Depagne

Martine and Jacki Perrin have worked with glass as their material of choice for a number of years, exploring its technical possibilities and aesthetic qualities. Published by the Clara Scremini Gallery (Paris) with support from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, an important new catalogue explores their lifelong commitment to the medium, and their day-to-day work as practising artists.

Using their own, unique process based on the endless superimposition of kiln-fired trapezoid sheets, Martine and Jacki create dense, compact pieces in unprecedented colours and forms, playing on effects of transparency.

As Elisabeth Védrenne explains, in her introduction to the book: "… this artistic duo uses their unique, individual approach – a combination of systematized logic and poetic intuition – to re-enact the millenial, telluric forces active at the Earth's core […] They have reinvented the use of glass paste, an exceptional medium capable of reproducing all the essential characteristics of natural minerals."

The sculptures seen here mark a period of renewal in the Perrins' work, departing from their usual monumental proportions to carve blocks of glass on a more intimate scale, exploring new ways of working and communicating with this unique material.

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