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France / Asnière-sur-Oise

Prototype at the Fondation Royaumont

A new training scheme for professional choreographers

In 2013, the Fondation Royaumont appointed Hervé Robbe as artistic and training director of the Programme Recherche et Composition Chorégraphiques (PRCC). Robbe – a professional choreographer – has launched Prototype, a training programme focusing on new works as a catalyst for the transfer of core skills.


Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Prototype at the Fondation Royaumont
© Laurent Paillier / Fondation Royaumont

Protoype is conceived as a unique training programme – an experimental workshop exploring the vocabularies and compositional modes available to professional choreographers, in close association with music and the other arts. Prototype is a forum for exchange and the transfer of core multidisciplinary skills,’ explains new PRCC director Hervé Robbe. Structured into four sessions linked by a common theme, Prototype is an annual programme involving around ten professional choreographers in residence at the Fondation Royaumont, near Paris.

The theme for 2013 is ‘spaces for choreography’, explored and interpreted by eleven participants from a wide range of artistic backgrounds, organised into ten dynamic workshops. Academics, artists, video-makers, critics and dance practitioners accompany the participating choreographers in a ‘continuous dialogue involving conceptualization, experimentation, dance practice and composition.’

 Each residency includes a public workshop under the title Fenêtre sur Cours. The fourth and final session focuses on producing the participants’ choreographic prototypes (duos or trios up to ten minutes in length), in association with their fellow composers, dancers and musicians in residence.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is delighted to extend its long-standing support for the Fondation Royaumont to this project by Hervé Robbe, showcasing new work at the intersection of  the arts, with a particular focus on music.

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Royaumont (Oise, France)