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Skills Academy #3


After wood and clay, metal is the focus of the third Skills Academy from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, under guest programme directors Normal Studio. Artisans, designers and engineers take part in a shared exploration of this core material, its specific spheres of expertise and its role in tomorrow’s world.

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - Skills Academy #3
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The subject of the Foundation’s latest Skills Academy is metal – a material associated with technological progress since the dawn of history. Metalwork embraces a vast range of expertise and artisan skills, from wrought-iron work to goldsmithing, chasing, gilding and more. Parallel to this, the various forms of metal and their alloys are the focus of major R&D projects today. This new iteration of the Skills Academy explores the multiple facets of metal as a raw material, with a special focus on innovation, experimentation, and sustainability.  

The third Skills Academy gathers twenty-one professional Academicians under guest programme directors Normal Studio (Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï). Eleven artisans, six designers and four engineers will take part in cross-disciplinary discussions and workshops designed to share and extend their respective intelligence and expertise.

Over the course of the first semester 2017, the Academicians follow a series of monthly lectures, which are also open to the general public: experts from France and around the world will explore the many aspects of metal. These morning sessions are complemented by masterclasses and weekend sessions for Academicians only. During the summer, the Academicians will gather for a week-long experimental workshop, applying their new knowledge to a practical challenge.

The Skills Academy promotes a spirit of emulation and exchange among its participants, encouraging the transmission of expert knowledge and best practice across disciplines. Conceived as a laboratory of expertise, the biennial programme is rooted in shared intelligence in the service of innovation, creativity and sustainability.

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The programme 

28 January 2017 - Morning Session 1: The basics
25 February 2017 - Morning Session 2: A creative material
18 March 2017 - Morning Session 3: Metals and metalwork in R&D
22 April 2017- Morning Session 4: Metal in architecture
20 May 2017 - Morning Session 5: Covering, finishing, locking
24 June 2017 - Morning Session 6: Separating and coming together 

Previous editions

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Under the supervision of Normal Studio, Guest designers and Skills Academy educational directors.