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Fondation Hermès / The Foundation

From the president

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - From the president

Olivier Fournier

Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès - From the president

Our ability to rise to the great challenges facing society today – poverty and discrimination, the quest for lasting peace, education, the depletion of natural resources – depends on our ability to harness our shared intelligence to the search for humanist, culturally-focused responses.

In a complex, erratic world where globalisation too often means standardisation, an impoverished worldview and bland, homogenised tastes, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès reflects the distinctive voice and deep artisan roots of the house of Hermès, with its long history of social solidarity based on mutual support and collaboration.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès listens to and engages with the wider world. Our work embodies our assiduous cultivation of authenticity and diversity as we explore a broad range of fields connected with artisan know-how and creativity.   

                                                                                  Olivier Fournier

Our vocation

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports men and women seeking to learn, perfect, transmit and explore the creative gestures that shape our lives today and into the future. Guided by our central focus on skills and innovation, the Foundation’s activities follow two complementary paths: know-how and creativity, know-how and the transmission of skills.

The Foundation develops its own programmes in the contemporary visual arts (exhibitions and artists’residencies), photography (Immersion), performing arts (New Settings), design (the Prix Émile Hermès) and craftsmanship (the Skills Academy), together with international calls for projects promoting biodiversity and solidarity. At the same time, we support the activities of organisations in these areas, around the world.   

The Foundation’s unique, diverse activities are governed by a single, over-arching belief: Our gestures define us.

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The Board

The Board of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès comprises representatives of the founding companies (Hermès Sellier and Hermès International), representatives of the staff of these companies, and qualified individuals from the Foundation's spheres of activity:

Henri-Louis Bauer, Associate Producer, Chez Louis Post-Production; Executive Board President, Émile Hermès SARL

Ménéhould de Bazelaire, Director (Cultural Heritage), Hermès International

Valérie Burguière, HR Development Manager ; Staff representative of Hermès Sellier

Ina Delcourt, International Press Director, Hermès International

Edna Dumas, Journalist

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director, Hermès International

Bernhardt Eichner, Director-general, Hermès Service Groupe

Pierre Fleuriot, Chief Executive Officer, Crédit Suisse France

Jérôme Fougeras de Lavergnolle, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Saint-Louis

Olivier Fournier, Executive Vice President Compliance and Organisation Development, Hermès International ; President of the Foundation

Hubert Guerrand, Vice-President, Émile Hermès SARL

Martine Tridde-Mazloum, Head of Corporate Philanthropy, BNP Paribas Group

Pascale Mussard, Artistic Director, "petit h"; Vice-President of the Foundation

Jean-Baptiste Puech, Actor

 Catherine Tsekenis, Director of Cultural and Philanthropic projects, Hermès; Secretary-general of the Foundation.

Laurence Tubiana, Director, Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales (IDDRI)

Cyrille Violot, General Counsel, Hermès Asia©

Marc Voinchet, Director of France Musique

The Team

The team at the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès comprises:

Catherine Tsekenis, Director

Claire Avignon, Executive Assistant

Frédéric Hubin, Head of Editorial Image and Publications

Sacha Menasce, Communications Manager

Clémence Fraysse, Head of project

Quentin Guisgand, Head of project

Clément Le Duc, Head of project

Manon Renonciat-Laurent, Head of project